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Ilse Oosterlaken

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Academische Ondersteuning

Als freelancer-met-doctorstitel bied ik all-round diensten aan onderzoekers en universiteiten. Zoekt u iemand die de wereld van academisch onderzoek & onderwijs goed kent, inhoudelijk kan meedenken, sterk is in organisatie en communicatie, en u ontzorgt? Ik help uw project of initatief graag verder!

Mijn dienstverlening

Je kunt me onder meer inschakelen op de volgende terreinen – freelance en soms ook in part-time dienstverband:

Kwartier­maken & programma­ontwik­keling

Projectma­nagement & coördinatie

Subsidie­aanvragen, rapporten & white papers


Schrijven & redigeren (voor web of print)

Ontwik­keling Word­Press websites

(Visuele) content creatie & management


Vragen? Ik hoor het graag!

Wat Anderen (op LinkedIn) over Mij Zeggen

Data visualisations & infographic for the 'Clean Shipping Project' (2021)


Ilse produced […] a set of data visualisations and a great infographic on biohubs for our clean shipping project. […] Her probing questions throughout the process not only created results we are happy with, but also made the process valuable in its own right. We enjoyed very much working with her and I highly recommend using her for your own visuals!

Patricia Osseweijer
Professor of Biotechnology & Society

Coördinatie pilotfase FRR Quality Mark Responsible Robotics (2020)


Ilse did a fantastic job as project manager […] I was especially pleased with the structure and content that she provided for the final report on the pilot phase. Her understanding of ethics of technology in combination with her analytical and writing skills led to a report that will assist us greatly in moving forward with our initiative.”

Aimee van Wynsberghe
Co-founder & director, Foundation for Responsible Robotics

Content Management voor Delft Design for Values Institute (2017-2020)


“After we had a website built for the Delft Design for Values Institute, Ilse came in the picture to develop and manage its content. She is doing an excellent job, I’m receiving very positive feedback on our site from various stakeholders.”

Jeroen van den Hoven
Wetenschappelijk Directeur
Delft Design for Values Institute

Ontwikkeling projectnarratief verantwoord innoveren & ‘corporate accountability 3.0’ (2017-2018)

“By integrating recent literature on this subject, Ilse has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Mindprint concept of Corporate Accountability 3.0. Her analytical and writing skills have also been instrumental in arriving at the MindPrint narrative […]. I enjoyed working together with Ilse – our creative cooperation has led to many new ideas!”

Fred Gertsen
Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
The University of Chicago

Coördinatie opstart JS Mill College & PPE Bachelor (2015-2016):


“Ilse has been indispensable for the organization around and the implementation of the new bachelor program Philosophy, Politics & Economics, because of her excellent organizational skills, her eye for detail, and her extensive and broad substantive knowledge. On top of that, she is also very pleasant to work with.”

Barbara Vis
Professor in Political Decision Making
Faculty of Social Sciences
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Coördinatie opstart Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte (2013-2014):

“Ilse has worked for me as assistant director of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) […] She is quite exceptional in her way of combining a very independent and pro-active attitude with a perfect intuition of the moment when, either because more input is needed, or for reasons of transparency, the time has come to discuss things with others, or to inform other parties.”

Han van Ruler
Professor in Philosophy and Intellectual History
Faculty of Philosophy
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Organisatie van de internationale HDCA Conferentie (2011):

“Ilse did an exceptional job as the organizer of the 2011 HDCA annual conference in The Hague. […] As the HDCA’s Administrator, I know that this view is shared by others within the association. The structure and processes that Ilse put in place have served as a model for subsequent conference organizers.”

– Kathy Rosenblum
HDCA Administrator
Brewster, MA

Mijn promotieonderzoek (2009-2012):

“Ilse managed to conclude her PhD thesis in three rather than four years, with the highest distinction. She is not only extremely well-organized, but also highly original and innovative.

Tsjalling Swierstra
Professor of Philosophy
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Maastricht University

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