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Redactie boek ‘Responsible Innovation’ (2015)

This book discusses issues regarding conceptualization, governance and implementation of responsible innovation. It treats different approaches to making responsible innovation a reality and it contains new case studies that illustrate challenges and solutions. Research on Responsible Innovation is by its nature highly multidisciplinary, and also pro-active, design-oriented and policy-relevant. Until a few years back, the concept of Responsible Innovation was hardly used – nowadays it is increasingly receiving attention from both researchers and policy makers. This is indispensable reading for anyone interested in or working on innovation.

Table of Contents
  1. The Concepts, Approaches, and Applications of Responsible Innovation (Koops, Bert-Jaap)
  2. The Emerging Concept of Responsible Innovation. Three Reasons Why It Is Questionable and Calls for a Radical Transformation of the Concept of Innovation (Blok, Vincent et al.)
  3. Responsible Innovation in the US, UK and Denmark: Governance Landscapes (Davies, Sarah R. et al.)
  4. Exploring Responsible Innovation as a Guiding Concept: The Case of Neuroimaging in Justice and Security (Jong, Marije et al.)
  5. Responsible Management of Social Experiments: Challenges for Policymaking (Robaey, Zoë et al.)
  6. The Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT: Identifying Problems and Sharing Good Practice (Stahl, Bernd Carsten et al.)
  7. With Cognitive Enhancement Comes Great Responsibility? (Maslen, Hannah et al.)
  8. Neuroimaging and Personalized Learning: Value Reflection with Societal Stakeholders (Edelenbosch, Rosanne et al.)
  9. Natural Food: Organizing ‘Responsiveness’ in Responsible Innovation of Food Technology (Haen, Dirk et al.)
  10. Responsible Innovation in Energy Projects: Values in the Design of Technologies, Institutions and Stakeholder Interactions (Correljé, Aad et al.)
  11. Capacities, Development and Responsible Innovation (Kroesen, J. Otto et al.)
  12. Responsible Innovation in Practice: The Adoption of Solar PV in Telecom Towers in Indonesia (Setiawan, Andri D. et al.)
  13. Responsible Innovation in Social Epistemic Systems: The P300 Memory Detection Test and the Legal Trial (Danaher, John)
  14. Morally Responsible Decision Making in Networked Military Operations
    (Burken, Christine Boshuijzen-van et al.)
  15. Biofuels: Sustainable Innovation or Gold Rush? Identifying Responsibilities for Biofuel Innovations (Balkema, Annelies et al.)