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Ilse Oosterlaken

All-rounder in de academische wereld

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Academische Ondersteuning

Coördinatie Doorstart EIRENE Nederland (2005-2007)

When I entered EIRENE NL Ilse was working there. She was activating the organization and taking a lot of good initiatives that helped starting the process of growth and professionalism of the organization. She is passionate about her work and a trustworthy colleague.

Paul den Hartogh

Executive Coach & Tutor , voorzitter EIRENE Nederland

Part-time. As the only paid employee of this small peace and development NGO, which had up to then been run solely by volunteers, I had a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Developing a new website (for which I recruited my husband as a volunteer) and maintaining it
  • Putting together a newsletter for members
  • Developing new initiatives for fund raising
  • Taking new initiatives to recruit new volunteers
  • Preparation and follow-up of meetings of the board
  • Liaison with EIRENE International in Germany