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Academische Ondersteuning

Hoofdorganisator HDCA Conferentie 2011

Ilse did an exceptional job as the organizer of the 2011 HDCA annual conference in The Hague. The three-day event, involving over 350 participants and 7 pre-conference events, was hugely successful – both from a logistical perspective as well as the quality of the speakers and content of the panel sessions. As the HDCA’s Administrator, I know that this view is shared by others within the association. The structure and processes that Ilse put in place have served as a model for subsequent conference organizers.

Kathy Rosenblum

HDCA Administrator, Brewster, MA, USA

As a member of the HDCA 2011 international conference committee, I found Ilse’s coordination to be of high professional standards and commitment. She was able to communicate with people at all levels, she was a quick thinker, a problem solver, and was able to cope with tight deadlines and last minute pressures. Her work showed resourcefulness and originality. The conference that she organized in the Hague was a success, and that was to a great part due to her efforts.

Zinah Nimeh

Universitair docent, United Nations University-MERIT / Maastricht Graduate School of Governance

Ik was de hoofdorganisator vande 2011 conferentie van de Human Development & Capability Association:

  • 422 ingediende papers, 233 geaccepteerd na beoordelingsproces
  • 375 geregistreerde deelnemers uit meer dan 40 landen
  • 7 pre-conference evenementen