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Ilse Oosterlaken

All-rounder in de academische wereld

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Academische Ondersteuning

Assistant director in opstartfase Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte (2013-2014)

[From 2013 to 2014] Ilse has worked with me at Erasmus University, where she was assistant director of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) during the first two years of its existence. With her organisational talents, her computer skills and her eagerness to tackle new questions, she proved to be exactly the right person for the challenging task of starting up this new organisation. Ilse is quite exceptional in her way of combining a very independent and pro-active attitude with a perfect intuition of the moment when, either because more input is needed, or for reasons of transparency, the time has come to discuss things with others, or to inform other parties. I have very good memories of the time when I had the pleasure of working with Ilse.

Han van Ruler

Professor in Philosophy and Intellectual History, Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Part-time, 2 days/week. The Dutch Research School in Philosophy (OZSW) is a collaboration of all philosophy departments in the Netherlands. As the OZSW’s first assistant director, I worked closely with the professor serving as the OZSW director to get this new organization off the ground. Responsibilities included:

  • Setting up a website for the OZSW
  • Setting up the membership and course administration
  • Preparation + follow-up meetings of the Management Team and School Board of the OZSW
  • Developing policies (e.g. membership policy, communication policy, study group policy)
  • Daily management of the OZSW office / secretary
  • Organization of courses, summer schools and so on
  • Organisation of the first annual OZSW conference