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Academische Ondersteuning

Website Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte (2013)

When I was hired in 2013 to design and develop a website for the OZSW, Ilse had already put a temporary WordPress site in place. With plugins she had added various useful functionalities, such as an event calendar. My job was to create an attractive design and add some more complex functionalities, such as the OZSW member database. Ilse, on behalf of the OZSW, was a pleasant client to work with. She had good ideas for the site and due to her WordPress knowledge it was easy to communicate with her.

Petra Baumann

Eiigenaar, FrauBaumann WordPress Beratung & Webdesign

Als eerste assistant director van de pas opgerichte Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte was ik ervoor verantwoordelijk dat er een website kwam.