My photo &
web design project

Take one photo each day for a year - that is a '365 Day Photo Project.' Mine started in August 2016. This site displays some of my photos. I created it for the Capstone Project of the Webdesign for Everybody specialisation on Coursera.

On creating this website

The Capstone Project of the Coursera specialization Web Design for Everybody gives students three options: code your site completely from scratch, use a framework like Bootstrap3, or modify an existing template (a common practice in web development). I chose the last option. On this page I describe what I did to tailor the template to my needs and wishes.

Taking an existing template may seem like choosing the easy way out, but to modify it you still have to gain an understanding of a lot of its code. I selected the template 'creative' by Bootstrapious because I liked its clean and simple look, putting the emphasis on portfolio items placed on the home page. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot creative template

The grading rubric for the course listed four areas in which you could collect points. Below I will discuss each of those areas.