My photo &
web design project

Take one photo each day for a year - that is a '365 Day Photo Project.' Mine started in August 2016. This site displays some of my photos. I created it for the Capstone Project of the Webdesign for Everybody specialisation on Coursera.

grapes in my garden

17 Sept. 2016

Grapes in my garden

Christmas lights in my street

26 Dec. 2016

My street. In the 1960s a train was running through this street, to the industrial area nearby

Is this your full 365 Day Photo Project?

No, I made a selection from my photos. If you are building a site using code (html, css3, javascript, bootstrap3) rather than a content management system (e.g. WordPress), it is a bit labour-intensive and inconvenient to add pictures. If you are curious about all my photos please visit my Instagram page.

23 Dec. 2016

Butterflies hanging in my bedroom - a gift from my friend Marjon :-)

view from Amsterdam Central

26 Nov. 2016

View from the square before Amsterdam Centraal train station

Light spots

6 Jan. 2016

Christmas tree photographed with a macro-lens, but without focussing. Love the result!

Joep preparing the party

2 Sept.2016

Joep preparing the garden party that he and my friend Marjon were throwing

Why a 365 Day Photo Project? (1)

It is nice to have a photo journal of your life! I enjoy looking back to my photos once in a while, and think "oh yeah, that was a nice day / event / moment!" (See also sources of inspiration)

My washi tape collection

28 Oct.2016

My washi tape collection

Impression of the annual winter market in our neighbourhood

18 Dec.2016

Impression of the annual winter market in our neighborhood

Pond in the Breda area

31 Oct.2016

Pond in the Breda area; It was a beautiful day to cycle

A 'yukata' or summer kimono

13 Sept.2016

A 'yukata' or summer kimono, a gift that my husband brought back from a business trip to Tokyo.

Why a 365 Day Photo Project? (2)

Practice makes perfect, right? I've taken a photography class years back. But you really learn it through doing and experimenting. (See also sources of inspiration)

My cat Nussbaum

25 Nov.2016

My cat Nussbaum on the wall fencing our garden

tree in the garen of one of the neighboors

22 Nov.2016

Tree in the garen of one of the neighboors

new year's whiskey gathering

29 Dec.2016

Niels' friends gathering for their traditional end-of-year whiskey party

Impression of the annual winter market in our neighborhood

12 Aug.2016

My neighboor Ria. She is about 80 years old, and goes to the hair dresser every week to make sure she still looks good

Why a 365 Day Photo Project? (3)

It makes me more aware of my environment. I see more now that I am regularly trying to spot photo opportunities. This includes seeing the beauty of small things. (See also sources of inspiration)

Light bulb cloud at the train station

10 Nov.2016

The hall in the Breda train station has a 'cloud' of light bulbs

My husband Niels

7 July 2016

My husband Niels, reading the newspaper on a lazy Saturday morning

View on Woerden

3 Sept.2016

View on Woerden, the town where I grew up (about 40.000 inhabitants)

Just some landscape near Breda

7 Oct.2016

Just some landscape near Breda, on my regular cycling route

Close-up of a paper ball

9 Jan.2016

Close-up of a paper ball

Collection of vases and cameras

8 Nov.2016

My collection of vases of coloured glass with his collection of cameras

Why a 365 Day Photo Project? (4)

My mum also does one. No, seriously - I don't do Facebook, so this Instagram project is our way of keeping a bit more informed about each others whereabouts. It adds a new dimension to our relationship. (See also sources of inspiration)

a frog

8 Oct.2016

This summer there were about 7 to 8 frogs in the small pond in our garden

Flowering hibiscus

26 July 2016

Just love the violet colour of the hibiscus tree in our garden!


16 Sept. 2016

Annemiek, one of my best friends - she is a very wise person

Close-up of a yellow floer

4 Jan.2016

Close-up of the last flower in my garden still blooming before the winter

Two vases

1 Nov.2016

Two vases, the Chinese one I have had since I was a small kid


24 Dec.2016

A new Christmas decoration I got this year

Before the start of the film

26 Aug.2016

The local art house cinema / theatre has outdoor movies in the summer

Impression of the annual winter market in our neighborhood

31 July 2016

My meditation room is the most pleasant room in the house

View on Utrecht

12 Oct.2016

View in the city centre of Utrecht

Impression of the annual winter market in our neighborhood

5 Jan.2016

Tree at the end of our street